MIGA: the Brunch Game Is Strong with This One

Avid brunch goers unite!


That’s right folks, Downtown Champaign has officially culminated an authentic brunch scene. If you take a stroll through downtown on a sunny weekend around 11:30 a.m., you may struggle to find enough available outdoor patio seating for your party of six. What you will find, however, are hundreds of happy diners enjoying the fine offerings of this ever-popular hybrid meal commonly known as, “the brunch”. Here at Visit Champaign County, we’re all for it. In fact: we love it!


You’re probably listing off all the brunch stops in your head right now, aren’t you? Places like Radio Maria, Big Grove Tavern, DESTIHL, Dublin’s, and even Watson’s (who just announced a regular Sunday brunch) offer delicious delicacies to start your weekend days off on the right foot. But, have you had a chance to check out Miga’s brunch, yet? Did you know they just recently announced their new brunch menu? We’ll we’re here to not only tell you they did, but also that it surpassed our expectations. Here’s a brief reflection on our delicious dining experience:  


First off, the atmosphere. This space is is the most aesthetically pleasing modern design around. We’re talking clean lines galore, fresh flowers, neutral colors… you name it. All of which makes it the perfect setting for a casual gathering or romantic morning date.


Enough about the atmosphere, let’s talk about the menu. We tried out three different offerings: the Chashu Benedict, Ground Rib-eye melt Toast, & Omelet Bowl.


Chashu Benedict | braised pork, shaved onion, cucumber, poached eggs, white bun, hollandaise sauce, green salad

“As an avid brunch goer, I like to consider myself an Eggs Benedict connoisseur, and let me tell you, Miga’s variation of the classic brunch offering was spectacular. I knew once I read it was going to be served on one of their highly regarded Chashu buns instead of an English muffin, I was in for a treat! The egg was poached perfectly-not too soft, nor too hard. The braised pork instead of popularly used Canadian bacon, paired with the cucumber and onion is what truly set this dish a part from the rest. I’ll be back. That’s for sure!”- Cody Dees


Ground Rib-eye melt Toast | ground rib eye, brioche, cheese, mushroom, cabbage, cucumber, mushroom, pickled radish, bean sprout, carrot, teriyaki mayo, egg, apple butter

This stunning dish exceeded all my expectations. The savory aspects of the dish were well balanced with the sweetness of the apple butter. The pickled vegetables added brightness to the dish and kept me digging in until the entire dish disappeared from my plate. Complimented by a light pineapple mimosa, this brunch is certainly one I would go back to again and again!” –Terri Reifsteck


Omelet Bowl | egg, cucumber, korean leek, cheese, chicken cutlet, soy house dressing, white rice

“The omelet bowl was downright phenomenal. I would say that it’s kind of a surprise… while the presentation was flawless, you would never anticipate the deliciousness that would overtake your taste buds upon biting in. With cucumber, Korean leek, white rice and egg, topped with cheese and accompanied by chicken cutlet, this dish embodies all of the things that make Miga an amazing restaurant — quality, taste and creativity. Mixed with the delicious soy house dressing there’s no missing the Asian flare that makes their dishes so unique.” -Leah Longueville


Our sampling was just a small portion of what to expect from Miga’s newest Brunch Menu. Take our word for it…you’re going to want to give it a try!


Did you hear Champaign-Urbana was nominated as the Best Midwest Food Town along with 11 other cities in 11 different states? It’s places like Miga that place this Outside of Ordinary region on the radar for foodies across the Midwest. You can vote every day during the month of May at midwestliving.com/vote!

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