Hashtag This! Champaign County Area Restaurant Week Giveaway

Contest, you sign up for them, and long behold you’re never called back for the prize. Did they just want your information? Who knows why, but you’re scared now aren’t you? Your bad luck has you jaded. We get it. What if we told you there’s a way to win a $100 gift card to a local Champaign County restaurant of your choice by simply:

Going to 1 of the 25 restaurants participating in Champaign County Area Restaurant Week;

Taking a photo of your meal before devouring it and carelessly spilling all over yourself;

Posting said picture on Instagram and using #CCRestaurantWeek.

That’s it…no frills, no data capturing, nothing; just 3 easy steps! Don’t let your bad luck hold you back from scoring a free $100 gift card. We try to make it easy around here.