Why Pie? Pi Day That's Why!

Every year March 14th comes and passes serving as a day of indulgence for some, and trivial day for others. However, whether you choose to celebrate “Pi Day” or have not yet found a reason to, we’re here to help you find the joy in this day. There is no shortage of amazing local restaurants and bakeries that specialize in good pie, however, for those that may not have the most active sweet tooth, the idea of a day devoted to pie may not be appealing. All of the best pie in the greater Champaign County area is not just delicious, but it’s rich with history. Bakers, owners, and proud servers that slice up a story with every piece of pie. Whether you love the sweetest of the sweets, or prefer your pie to be on the savory side, we’re going to find you the pie that matches not only your tastes, but your personality.


The On-the-Go Professional


Whether you’re working a 9-5 or burning the midnight oil, you’re an on-the-go person that doesn’t get much time to yourself. Sitting down to enjoy a slice of pie seems like an indulgence that there just isn’t time for, but there is. Oh, Honey Pie Pie Truck and Catering is on the go just as much as you. Burning the midnight oil through the week preparing sweet treats in decadent flavors such as salted honey pie, praline key lime pie, and pistachio pie, owners Leslie Till and Matt Doyle know first-hand the stresses of the on-the-go professional, since they are on-the-go professionals. Leslie makes every pie by hand all while teaching full-time. As someone whose time is at a premium, your Pi Day is already bursting at the seams with activities that don’t include pie, but there is plenty of time to plan out a quick moment to stop by. If you’ve only got a moment to spare but want to indulge in the pleasures a fresh piece of pie brings, you will not be deprived of this delight at Oh Honey Pie Pie Truck and Catering. An indulgence so often reserved for those with time to spare, is no longer out of reach.


The Foodie


Unlike the On-the-Go Professional, who may see food just as a source of energy to power through, you take your dining experience more seriously. Your Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook page reads like a who’s who of amazing dishes, with exceptional photos that, while breathtaking, don’t come close to the depth of flavors you experienced while enjoying the food. With a focus on every aspect of your Pi Day dining experience, Hopscotch Cakes brings to the table not only exceptional flavors, locally sourced ingredients, and a focus on serving the local community, but pies that are always Instagram worthy. Your Pi Day experience at Hopscotch will be a feast of flavors that send your taste buds on a ride. Including such ingredients as smoked chocolate, rosemary caramel, and bourbon apple, Hopscotch Cakes’ flavors make a home Outside of Ordinary. Kaya Tate, owner of Hopscotch Cakes, takes special care in every aspect of the experience, making beautifully elegant, carefully crafted pies, that entice the senses and immerse you in a truly unique experience. Enjoying a day Instagramming your experience at Hopscotch while taking in the charming sights, sounds, and smells of the local community, will be the cherry on top of your pie experience.


The Traveler


Your love is not the destination, but the journey. You may take the long way to work to see new sights, take a weekly trip around the greater Champaign County area, or travel the world on a regular basis, but your dining experience is not complete without an exciting journey. Pies by Inge, located in Monticello, 25 miles west of Champaign, offers a beautiful drive with an amazing treat at the end. Tracy Bodine, owner of Pies by Inge has been making homemade pies for nearly 9 years and they are worth the trip. With hand rolled crusts, handmade fillings, and Outside of Ordinary flavors such as Blueberry Rhubarb, a trip to Pies by Inge is about the journey AND the destination. Tracy sells her pies out of the local Brown Bag Deli in downtown Monticello, presenting plenty of opportunity for a traveler like yourself to experience more of what Monticello has to offer. You can feed your sweet tooth and your desire to travel with a short trip to Pies by Inge, enjoying great sights and even better pie.


The Chill Professional


You work a 9-5 and you enjoy it. Your daily schedule is set, but not too set. You enjoy the small wins in every day and in between meetings, you may step out of the office to go grab a coffee and enjoy what the greater Champaign County area has to offer. You’re real, and love your food that follows suit. You’re in tuned to the pulse of the city and enjoy shopping, promoting, and all around living locally. Pekara Bistro is a must stop shop for you. With all pies being “clean label” with no added chemicals or dyes. With a downtown Champaign location, Pekara Bistro is a perfect stop for the professional on a short break, taking in the sights of the downtown area. With over 10 years of pie making, everything is made by hand, with warm flavors such as salted honey and bananas fosters, Pekara’s fresh made pies feel like home. If you’re taking a break, lunch, or it’s your day off, experience a step outside of ordinary at Pekara.  


The Off-the-beaten-path Foodie


There are varying degrees of foodie and you don’t travel the beaten path. You find pleasure in the same expansive flavors, lavish plating, and ambiance, but choose to reach for a path less traveled. Po’ Boys’ pies are a must for any off-the-beaten-path foodie, the staff describing it as “the best pie in Champaign-Urbana.” Serving pie for nearly 10 years in Urbana, Po’ Boys’ appeal to the off-the-beaten-path foodie is the fact that Po’Boys’ pies are somewhat of a secret to those that have never been there. If you are a foodie that likes to step Outside of Ordinary, this is a must stop shop for you on Pi Day. A restaurant that serves so many deliciously eclectic dishes, tops it off with a healthy serving of pie. With their staple coconut and banana cream pie serving as fan favorites, they make traditional fruit and pecan pies in non-traditional ways. For those that may have gluten sensitivities, Po’ Boys offers up gluten-free options that will make Pi Day enjoyable for those that may not be able to share in otherwise.


The Well-Rounded


You’re a pillar of stability within your family, friends, and coworkers. Your decisions are always well researched and productive and your decisions in pie reflect the same. You have a balanced view that translates to your overall food choices, you don’t stop at the sweet treats but enjoy the savory side of pie as well. Emily Kroner, owner of Lucky Moon Pies and More, has been baking pies for over 20 years and expanded her email list of pie customers into a storefront business. Not just to be considered a “pie” place, Lucky Moon Pies and More has plenty of “more” for those that want to enjoy a slice of pie as well as a well-rounded meal. Lucky Moon Pies and More serves as an Outside of Ordinary lunch stop for those in the area with a selection of pot pies, quiches, and savory soups. You may not fully indulge in the decadence of a coconut cream, strawberry rhubarb, or French silk pie, but with a homemade chicken pot pie, calzones, and tomato tortellini soup available you can’t go wrong. At only $3.14 per slice on Pi Day, your history of well-rounded decision making will not be tarnished with this pick.  


Whether you enjoy savory or sweet, hot or cold, decadent or simplistic, you’ll enjoy a feast of flavors for all the senses. Whether you’re the most discerning of foodies taking your pie experience to new heights or a newbie taking Pi Day to experience your first homemade pie, the greater Champaign County area offers up so many amazing, home grown options. Step Outside of Ordinary on this unconventional holiday and enjoy something new in our great community.   

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