Shop Local in the Greater Champaign County Area: Jane Addams Bookshop

With the expansion of online shopping, it seems as if there is no limit to what you can purchase online, but there is. No amount of money or time can equal the experience gained from shopping at a local business for that one Outside of Ordinary item you can't find anywhere else. In the greater Champaign County area, there is a wealth of local businesses that cater to every walk of life, every need, and every want, in a unique way you cannot achieve elsewhere. 

Jane Addams Bookshop has been an established fixture in downtown Champaign since 1984, offering a unique look at an era void of e-readers and internet. They're different than any other chain book store in design and feel, bypassing the trend of consolidation with an expansive 3 floors of space, and over 75,000 gently used books. They offer a diverse selection along with the unmatched experience of a physical search. In enjoying such an experience, make sure not to cheat yourself out of all that the three floors have to offer, starting at the top in the Mystery Room, then working your way down. For those first-time visitors, this ensures that no matter what style book you're looking for, all your needs will be met. 

If being left to your own devices in such a literary oasis seems a tad bit overwhelming, every book and item in the store is catalogued on You can search and find whatever you need prior to your visit and enjoy leisurely searching other titles after. With such a long history in downtown Champaign, Jane Addams Bookshop has grown and adapted to the ever-changing environment of a vastly diverse college town. With so many  nationalities, educational backgrounds, and age groups represented in the greater Champaign County area, they are able to carry a wide variety of books from around the world. They also carries a selection of photographs and proofs from the photo studio that occupied the building prior to its opening.

Whether you’re an avid reader, or casually thumb through a book here and there, Jane Addams Bookshop is a must stop shop for you. With the unique space and vast selection of books and photos, you’re sure to leave with an unforgettable experience. They're truly a unique and exciting reason to shop local in the greater Champaign County area!

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