Greater Champaign County Area Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Guide

There's nothing like a good chocolate chip cookie. A staple among all ages, there's no shortage of nostalgia associated with this most classic of sweet treats. Whether it's eating cookies and milk before nap time, coming home after school to chow down on junk food, or sitting down with grandchildren feeding their sweet tooth, chocolate chip cookies are a simple pleasure that invokes positive memories. With endless variations and ingredients, everyone, even those without a taste for sweets, can find delight in chocolate chip cookies. With today being Chocolate Chip Cookie Day,  it's only fitting we give you a first-hand guide to all the amazing chocolate chip cookies you can get in the greater Champaign County area. In trying cookies all across the area, it's undeniable that there is truly something for everyone here, and we're sure you'll find your new favorite right here in our Outside of Ordinary community. 

Aroma Cafe

Location: Aroma Cafe is located in the heart of downtown Champaign, and has an artsy and quaint feel that's mirrored in their various items. Filled with art from local artists, Aroma Cafe has a pulse on the community that melds local flavors and influences creating a fun and cozy environment for patrons from all groups. 

Cookie Personality: Aroma Cafe's chocolate chip cookie is large enough to share, even if you don't want to. Sticking to the classic chocolate chip formula, the cookie is simple but in its simplicity can appeal to everyone, while pairing well with your beverage of choice. 

Why You Should Try It: Aroma offers a chocolate chip cookie that is easy to pair with coffee, tea, or milk. It's a great location to reconnect with friends, get a little work done away from the office, or just unwind and enjoy the art. 

Art Mart

Location: If you haven't been to Art Mart, you're in for a treat. Art Mart is a local favorite that offers much more than food. Whether you're looking to furnish your home with unique items, treat your children to some new toys, or find unique items to spice up your cooking, Art Mart has it all.  

Cookie Personality: The chocolate chip cookie at Art Mart is a gourmet taste without the gourmet price. Making use of large chocolate chunks, it's a more decadent cookie that appeals to the sweets lovers. Art Mart's chocolate chip cookie boasts crisp edges with a soft middle that pair perfectly with a glass a milk. 

Why You Should Try It: Art Mart truly offers something for everyone. With a newer, larger space, the dining area is spacious and inviting. Whether you're looking to do some serious shopping, or just unwind over cookies and milk, Art Mart's chocolate chip cookie can be the key to a mini getaway. 

Common Ground Food Co-Op

Location: The Common Ground Food Co-Op is in the heart of Lincoln Square Mall, and has become a favorite of the community while becoming a community itself.  Whether you're looking to shop for locally sourced meats, take a cooking course, or just grab lunch, Common Ground offers a truly unique community for all who stop in.

Cookie PersonalityA vegan option on chocolate chip cookie day you'd be surprised this cookie wasn't made with butter. Soft and gooey, it's a treat that everyone can enjoy. 

Why You Should Try It: Whether you're a vegan or just looking to try a more healthy version of this classic treat, Common Ground serves up a community feel that makes this cookie that much more enjoyable. 

Cream and Flutter

Location: Cream & Flutter is in downtown Champaign with an inviting and bright storefront. The bright pastels surrounding displays full of fresh baked goods are a feast for the eyes and the sweet tooth. 

Cookie Personality:  It's very rare that you think of pairing a cookie with sweet tea or lemonade, but that's exactly what you think of with this cookie. Making use of large chocolate chunks that melt in your mouth, this homestyle cookie invokes thoughts of calm country afternoons and a warm summer breezes. 

Why You Should Try It: Cream & Flutter's location, inviting decor, and classic feel, make this a relaxing stop for anyone. The classic cookie tastes, along with the vibrant downtown view create a unique chocolate chip cookie experience. 

Espresso Royale 

Location: With locations across Champaign-Urbana, Espresso Royale offers the downtown coffee house feel. With large couches, vibrant colors, and modern artwork, you can break away from the hustle and bustle of your day and unwind, if only for a quick bite.

Cookie Personality: Espresso Royale's chocolate chip cookie is a cookie in flavor, but not texture. A great companion for hot coffees and teas, Espresso Royale makes a cookie with classic flavors with a structure that can withstand a dunking in coffee and other hot beverages. 

Why You Should Try It: With multiple locations, a unique layout, and a truly Outside of Ordinary take on the chocolate chip cookie, Espresso Royale is the perfect mid-day getaway.  

Harvest Market

Location: Harvest Market serves up a very unique shopping experience with a vibrant deli and bakery section. Enjoying a classic chocolate chip cookie at Harvest Market is an experience that can be complemented with food, drinks, and more. 

Cookie Personality: A more simple cookie, Harvest Market makes use of a classic recipe that's simple, yet satisfying. Paired with milk, you can sit and enjoy a handful of these chocolate chip cookies in one sitting without a thought. 

Why You Should Try It: Harvest Market provides a full shopping experience that is best enjoyed with a cookie in hand. A classic taste, with a reasonable price, if you believe there's no such thing as, "too much of a good thing," these cookies are for you. 

Hopscotch Bakery and Market

Location: If you weren't looking for Hopscotch, it's most likely a place you won't stumble upon. One of Champaign's hidden gems, Hopscotch is located just west of downtown Champaign. The space is cozy and feels of home. With eclectic decor and seating, with a hint of modern feel, there's an inviting quality that enhances your experience. 

Cookie PersonalityEven though Hopscotch Bakery specializes in more unique flavor combinations, they hit the mark with this classic recipe. Utilizing large chocolate chips, their cookies are soft with crisp edges, with a flavor profile that's enjoyable by itself. 

Why You Should Try It: If you're looking for a chocolate chip cookie experience that focuses completely on the cookie, Hopscotch hits the mark. Even though you can dip these delicious cookies in milk or with coffee, the flavor is almost best experienced on its own. 


Location: Another downtown spot, Pekara is a cool and calm bakery that provides an inviting break from the everyday. With a modern decor including art from local artist, Pekara is a relaxing mid-day getaway for students, professionals, and retirees. 

Cookie Personality: A cookie that can't be contained with two hands, Pekara offers up a big cookie with even bigger flavors. Making use of standard sized chocolate chips, there is no shortage of chocolate. 

Why You Should Try It: Whether you want to take a short break from work or grab a cookie over your lunch break, Pekara offers a relaxed environment with a tasty cookie to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Rick's Bakery

Location: Located on the far east end of Urbana, Rick's Bakery is nestled away in one of the less trafficked areas in Champaign-Urbana. This family-owned bakery makes a variety of sweet treats, withstanding the test of time and change in Urbana. 

Cookie Personality: With many classic chocolate chip cookie styles around, Rick's offers up one of the more nostalgic styles of chocolate chip cookie. A perfect cookie for dunking, this is a must try for kids and adults alike. 

Why You Should Try It: Some of the best things are hidden in plain sight. If you haven't made your way to Urbana, take today and do so. This family-owned bakery is a quaint destination for locals and visitors alike. 


Our Final Thoughts: 

Your Chocolate Chip Cookie Day will truly be Outside of Ordinary if you have a chance to experience all of these amazing cookies today. However, if you can't, one will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Go out today, enjoy the eclectic styles and flavors, and find your new favorite chocolate chip cookie. 

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