What's Brewing in Champaign County?: Bossa Nova Café

The old location of Snow Meets Coffee in downtown Champaign has a new look, and better yet, open doors. The location has been redesigned inside from the ground up for the new Bossa Nova café. Mina Hanna, who runs the new café, sat down with Taylor to talk about the opening and what makes them #OutsideofOrdinary in the Champaign County café scene.

Mina notes that with "over 18 years of experience in retail and restaurants that his bar for quality is set incredibly high." Coffee from Page Roasting is exclusively brewed at Bossa Nova, and their twist on the coffee experience is a high quality pour over method in which the beans are chosen, ground fresh, and then brewed right in front of you. "By controlling humidity, heat, and other elements that extract oil from the beans, a fresh cup of quality pour over is brewed right in front of you," says Mina.

Mina also adds they also serve Matcha teas that can be served hot or iced, as well as a variety of sandwiches and pastries. Food is actually a huge part of Bossa Nova. Mina was happy to say that "meat is sliced and stored at all times on location and sliced each day, in house, as well as the veggies that go on each sandwich." Fresh bread and pastries are brought in by partners, but Mina notes that there are plans to bring bakers into Bossa Nova as well.

The goal for Bossa Nova’s paninis and sandwiches is "to provide Artisan options that are fresh and satisfying," according to Mina. Orange juice is fresh squeezed , and Joe’s Tea is now being served as well, which Mina adds "makes Bossa Nova the only location locally to serve the drink outside of Chicago."

The detailed method and attention to quality behind creating these drinks and food items are at the heart of Hanna’s style of service. Organic beans are the name of the game at Bossa Nova, and so are imported treats and on-the-go eats that are stocked around the entirety of the store, almost all of which come from Europe.

Another staggering element to Bossa Nova’s vibe is the art around the café. Hanna was quick to note that they're striving to be more of an art gallery than a café in a way, because they "want the works on the walls to be what draws customers in just as much as the food and drinks."

With an artisan approach to food and a unique pour over coffee experience, Bossa Nova’s Portuguese translation of “new wave” seems to be fitting.

Bossa Nova is open six days a week and closed on Sundays, and located in Downtown Champaign in the One Main building. Have you made it to their café since it opened? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @VisitChampaign.


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