Reading Resolutions Made Easy in Champaign County

Reading Resolutions Made Easy in Champaign County


Many people turn to the same set of resolutions when a new year begins. Whether it be better eating habits, more time spent up and out being active, or something more personal, it’s nice to use the turn of the calendar as a jumping off point for long-delayed changes you’d like to make. A popular one not yet mentioned is the resolution to read more, whether that be allocating a few nights a week or setting a goal for completed books read. There are numerous benefits to reading beyond entertainment; reading can help with creativity, help your brain function to last well into your eighties and nineties, and best of all, give you some quiet time after a busy day. In Champaign County, there are a number of ways to reach your goal in the community, and this blog seeks to make reading easier for you in the new year.


Having Fun Isn’t Hard When You Have a Library Card


With a library card, you get more than just access to endless shelves full of every genre imaginable. Library cards also get you access to eBooks and magazines, so no matter what kind of reading you plan on doing, you can find something to fit your current taste. The Champaign County Library and Urbana Free Library are two popular spots in our area for avid readers, as well as those of us who might be looking to get back into some R&R time. Add in access to the internet, databases, and even movies and video games, libraries are an essential resource to any connected community.  


Fill your Shelves with the Help of Local Bookstores


Let’s be honest: there’s something so relaxing about having a bookshelf full of adventures in your bedroom or home. If you’re more into owning the books you read, there are so many wonderful options all over our area. Hartfield Book Company in Monticello isn’t hard to find with its iconic yellow door, and you also won’t struggle to find something you love with such a diverse selection! Priceless Books in Urbana also has a very eclectic collection, with everything you could imagine for children, adults, and every reader in between. If traditional books bore you, G-Mart is the place for you with comic books from the heavy hitters like Marvel and DC as well as smaller indie publishers. Whatever you like, you can fill your shelves thanks to the amazing local bookstores in our area.


Head somewhere for Inspiration to Read


Sometimes our bed or couch doesn’t quite inspire that spark to read, so a trip to somewhere more conducive of a solid reading session might be in order. Of course, cafés and coffee shops in our area are great spots. As the weather begins to warm up come spring, it’s also nice heading to a park and flipping through a few chapters. Not to mention the amazing space inside local libraries and bookstores that allow you to check out a bit of what you might be interested in before renting or buying. That being said, curling up with a good book and the TV off is sometimes just as inspirational.


Get the Family Involved


This goes without saying, but most things are better when everyone in the family is involved. A few easy ways to get more reading time in is to designate time to disconnect and just dive into a book, magazine, or even the paper! You don’t have to leave home, but a trip to the library together or a favorite spot in town might be a good excuse not only to get reading, but to spend some uninterrupted, technology-free time together.


There are many more ways to get reading in 2019. Do you have a reading resolution? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

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