Staying Warm with Restaurant Week 2019!

Staying Warm with Restaurant Week 2019!


With temperatures at record lows and wind chills at levels our brains can’t even comprehend, anything that helps fight the frigid weather is essential to surviving in the greater Champaign County area this week. It just so happens that Restaurant Week is well underway, and that presents a unique opportunity to warm up with some delicious deals that will make you forget all about the polar temps outside!


Dreaming of a Warm Italian Summer Day!

A great example of staying warm with food is waiting for you at Baldarotta’s Porketta & Sicilian Sausage! Order the Housemade Sicilian sausage with spicy peppers to send your taste buds and brain into a daydream of a hot Italian summer.


Ice Might Not Be Melting, but Cheese Does!

Ice and freezing temps might not be going anywhere, but while you wait for those to melt, enjoy fondue and an array of melted cheeses at the Bread Company! Roasted potatoes, rustic bread, and garden vegetables accompany this delicious second course option that, let’s face it, we all desperately need in this weather.


Caribbean Cuisine When the Weather is Mean!

The cold is brutal, but fighting it with some jerk chicken or meatballs from Caribbean Grill is the perfect way to keep the winter blues away. Lunch and dinner options mean that any time of the day, you can be warming up with some spices and flavors that take you from Illini Country to an island state of mind.


Mamma Mia!

Many on social media have let us know that the warm, Neapolitan pizza deals at Pizzeria Antica have left them feeling full and far from stuck on thoughts of the cold! With three courses and a wallet-friendly $19 dinner option, you can transport yourself far away from the cold Midwest with flavors straight from Naples!


There’s no shortage of other options to keep you warm too! Visit for full menus, and fight back against this wild winter weather with great deals on local food!

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