Living Outside of Ordinary: Love the Greater Champaign County Area

Living Outside of Ordinary: Week of 2/11

Love the Greater Champaign County Area 

In the past month, how many days can you truly remember? On average, a few days, 4 or 5 if you’re lucky, stand out from the daily routines we all experience. That’s why Visit Champaign County is launching our new “Living Outside of Ordinary” Campaign aimed at residents and visitors as a means to encourage everyone to discover new places throughout the greater Champaign County area.


Each week, we’ll give you one thing to do each day, something Outside of Ordinary, to make sure you have a way to make each day memorable. We’ll be busy brainstorming over the next year to make sure you have ways to break out of the routine and immerse yourself in the amazing things happening right in your backyard. Some will be events, but others may be something as simple as getting outdoors, meeting a friend for a drink, or checking out a new store or restaurant. The goal is simple: when you’re Living Outside of Ordinary, you’re making memories, so we can all cherish each and every day.


This week’s Living Outside of Ordinary suggestions run in conjunction with our week-long campaign Love the Greater Champaign County Area! Valentine’s Day is Thursday (consider this your reminder!) and all week we want to reflect on why we love our community. There’s plenty to see and do in the greater Champaign County area, so we’re asking you to post each day about things you love about the area!


Monday, February 11 – Start the week of posting about what you enjoy doing to kick off a great week ahead? Is it breakfast with a friend, or a dinner with the family?


Tuesday, February 12 – What’s your favorite arts and culture experience in the area? From Friday Night Live to nights at the KCPA, there’s lots to see and do!


Wednesday, February 13 – Post about your top family activity in the area! Do you head to Aikman’s in Arthur, or an Illini game with the whole family?


Thursday, February 14 – Where do you go for a little outdoor adventure? Is it a day spent outdoors at Middle Fork River Forest Preserve, or maybe taking a pedal tour of downtown Champaign?


Friday – February 15 – Obviously, being the Greatest Midwest Food Town has its perks! If you’re going out to eat, where is your go-to spot?


Saturday, February 16  – Saturdays mean a lot of things for everyone, so what is your idea of the ideal Saturday in the greater Champaign County area?


Sunday, February 17 – With a wonderful week behind you, how do you start to wind down and relax ahead of another #OutsideofOrdinary week in our area?


For more tips on what to do, check our events calendar and request a copy of our Visitors Guide today!

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