After experiencing some of the best foods in Champaign County, we wanted to share the top highlights of Eat Your Way through January. We also wanted to say thank you to everyone who shared their foodie photos with #eatyourwaythroughjanuary and congratulate Dawn, once again, on winning the contest! To everyone who tuned into the campaign we hope you enjoyed the imagery and the commentary, but most importantly we hope you gained a better insight of all of the great food offerings that call Champaign County home. In honor of the upcoming Oscars we thought that we would give three awards out for the top performing posts for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Without further ado, Visit Champaign County would like to introduce to you...the new additions to the Academy…of good eateries that is.

The first award proves that a little small town charm can go a long way! With 21 Likes on Facebook this one is the obvious winner for the Facebook Fan Favorite award! Congratulations to Roch’s Pub in St. Joseph, Illinois for vaulting itself ahead of the rest and reminding us to explore Champaign-Urbana’s neighboring towns.

Next up, it appears that this town is in love with the authentic Mexican food that can be found at the one and only,  Maize Mexican Grill on Green Street! Their tacos brought in a whopping 68 Likes on Instagram, which we think is the number of people waiting in line at this very moment to get their hands on their greatness. In addition, Maize had the largest number of likes on Twitter! For this, Maize takes the cake (or in this case, the tacos) for the Iconic Instagram and Tenacious Twitter award!

There is no denying how incredibly lucky we are to have so many different eateries, that include virtually every food genre you can think of, right here in our backyard. The only crime in this story is how difficult these options make planning a night out with your friends or loved ones. Don’t fall victim to the back and forth “No you pick” dialogue and choose one of the many restaurants that breed confidence for its Champaign County patrons. We send you off with the idea of Eating Your Way through 2016, because there’s so many more to explore and try! 

We want to hear your feedback! Please e-mail Cody Dees at codyd@visitchampaigncounty.org with any questions, comments, or concerns.