A Look Inside the Engineering Open House

A Look Inside the Engineering Open House


It’s tough to explain just how Outside of Ordinary the University of Illinois’ Engineering Open House is, so we went right to the source for an inside scoop on this year’s massive event.


VCC’s Taylor Bauer spoke with Maddie Wilson, an Electrical Engineering Senior, and Director of the Open House, who said that so far, the planning is going great.

“We pride ourselves in being an event run for students, by students.  Naturally the committee will get busy balancing schoolwork on top of running EOH but everyone has done a great job so far.” Maddie also noted that they have a lot of returning committee members, allowing some greater insight for members new to running a big event such as the Engineering Open House. As far as big changes for those who have been before,  the committee is introducing a speaker series and a Discover EOH Scavenger Hunt.


Maddie also notes that this event is a great way to show off what the University of Illinois does best.

“Research is an enormous element of engineering at U of I.  It seems like everyday, groundbreaking technological discoveries from the College of Engineering students and professors are published.  Many of the students on campus are involved in the research and some exhibitors will be showcasing their projects at EOH.” The Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology is one of the main central research institutes on campus (also located on engineering campus) and is running their open house simultaneously with EOH this year.


If you haven’t been to the Engineering Open House before, Maddie explained a bit of what to expect. She notes that first timers can expect over 230 exhibits showcasing college engineering student projects, in over 15 engineering buildings on campus.

“These exhibits range from rocket races to car team demonstrations to multi-ton pillars of concrete being crushed just a few yards in front of visitors,” she said. “We recommend picking up a copy of the Visitor's Guide once on campus or looking at it ahead of time on our website.” The Visitor's Guide is highly encouraged because with so many events, it's hard to see it all in just two days!


Let’s face it: we’re not all engineers. But Maddie assures everyone, especially those who have not been to past Open Houses, that all are welcome.

“The exhibits aim to show off the cool projects students have developed at U of I to all demographics.  The student exhibitors love talking to people of all backgrounds: kids, adults, and those with no engineering experience.” The Open House also brings back many U of I Engineering alumni.  If you are a prospective student or parent of one, a Majors Fair is hosted on Friday and Saturday morning where you can talk with current students in more detail and learn more about the engineering majors offered at U of I.


The planners are still looking for adults interested in talking with exhibitors about their projects and seeing which exhibits fit best for our multiple EOH awards. If you’re interested, please feel free to visit this link. You can also reach out to the committee with questions, as well as visit their website. For more information on area events, follow and like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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