Ebertfest: In the Audience’s Words (Part One)

 As Ebertfest 2019 draws nearer, we’ll be sharing some testimonials from attendees of past festivals to help explain just how #OutsideofOrdinary an event like this is! This week, we have two individuals who were very fond of the festival, each experiencing something that left them with complete confidence that they would be returning every year after.


The Perpective Provided to All, For All at Ebertfest


“I’ve attended and sponsored Ebertfest since one of my friends told me that I was really missing out about four or five years ago. I always knew about the festival because my brother grew up going to it, but my friend was definitely right; I had been missing out.


Each time I go to the festival, I really look forward to the diversity and the quality of the films that are going to be shown. People who go to a lot of the films really run the gambit of emotions and that’s why the best way for me to do Ebertfest is to get a festival pass and try to go and see everything.” – Jen S.


How Ebertfest Began, and Its Impact on the Area


“Ebertfest means a lot to me because I started helping with and attending the festival when it was an experimental event called Cyberfest(1997).


Cyberfest screened only one film, Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey, but it was a big success and Roger and Nate Kohn began planning the first Overlooked Film Festival, with a full slate of films and guest speakers. That first festival was in 2000, and I was the webmaster. That first festival proved that Roger could bring great films and significant filmmakers and actors to Champaign-Urbana, and that the campus, community, and region would attend and support the festival.” – Rob B.






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