Observing ‘Take A Walk in the Park Day’ in the Greater Champaign County Area!

 Observing ‘Take A Walk in the Park Day’ in the Greater Champaign County Area!


Places like Meadowbrook Park or the athletic adventure at Douglass Park are many residents and visitors favorite spots. National Take A Walk In The Park Day is observed annually on March 30th. Unlike some nationally observed days, this one doesn’t cost money, happen at a specific time, or even have to be something that takes a big chunk out of the day.


When we launched our Living #OutsideofOrdinary campaign, we talked about wanting to remember each day for being special. An easy way to do that is take some time to do something for you. That can be tough on a busy day, a walk in your favorite park in the greater Champaign County area is an easy way to wind down, destress, and soak in our incredible community.


Favorite Parks in the Greater Champaign County Area


Everyone has their favorite place to get fresh air, and it’s likely a local park. Whether it’s some time at Friendship Grove at Crystal Lake Park or a round of foot golf at Lake of the Woods, outdoor opportunities are bountiful in our area.


Hessel Park is perfect for a day playing at Champaign’s tallest playground to date, and when you have a craving for natural wetlands and scenic savanna environments, Weaver Park in Urbana gives you that taste of nature needed after a long day in the office.


Find Your Happy Place at a Local Park


At the end of the day, it can be easy to start setting home for the evening, but a quick walk in your local park can really boost your mood and mental health. Take a Walk in the Park Day is a yearly reminder that your happy place might not be a vacation out of state, but a 15 minute stroll just minutes from your house.

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