Prepare For Even More Outside of Ordinary with Boneyard Arts Festival!

Hey art aficionados, appreciators, and people just looking for something to do, 40 North’s Boneyard Arts Festival is just around the corner! For 4 days straight, starting April 7th, Champaign County will be sweeping with unimaginable creative works both stationary and performing, all for your delight. This isn’t your conventional museum gallery viewing. Champaign County literally morphs into its own public gallery in conventional and unconventional ways in more than ninety locations. You’re going to witness art in its many forms in theatres, museums, cafes, and even places like salons and retail stores. Art is all around us, so why should it be saved for galleries only? Today, we encourage you to make plans for a day or even all four experiencing the incredible art that exists right here in our Outside of Ordinary land.

We especially encourage you to stop by our Welcome Center during the festival to witness the work of this year’s signature artist, Charles Wiseman. “Charles combines wood, steel forgings, ceramics, handmade papers, alternative photo processes, and other materials into mixed media sculptures, books, and boxes.” Charles’ unique work is the perfect analogy for our unique area and we are incredibly proud to house it!

For a better idea of the festival and what to expect, check out this awesome video from last year’s 2015 Boneyard Arts Festival.

For more information on the festival check out their new website.

We look forward to seeing you all around the area in this amazing art viewing festival. We are surrounded by art each and every day, but this festival provides us a remarkable opportunity to fully engulf in the many forms that exist in our local community.