Moms Weekend Plans Made Easy!

Yeah you’re super excited Mom’s coming for the University of Illinois Moms Weekend, but do you have anything planned for her arrival other than showing her around campus? Don’t fret we have some ideas to keep you and mom entertained!


1.     Downtown Champaign

When was the last time you ventured over to the incredible Downtown Champaign? With its vibrant downtown lights, art sculptures, and of course incredible dining scene you’re not going to want to pass up this experience with Mom for the weekend. Show your mother why we were named the Greatest Midwest Food Town. What’s that? Your mom hasn’t been to Downtown Champaign, yet? There’s something there for every mom. Even the “cool” ones.


2.    Boy Band Review

If your mom can keep up with the best of them, mark your calendar for the Boy Band Review at The City Center. This 90's Boy Band tribute group from Chicago light up the stage with a high energy show filled with a laundry list of hits. A fan favorite and a sure fire way to win some brownie points with your mom. 


3.     Allerton Park

We’re pretty lucky to have the University of Illinois owned Allerton Park and Retreat Center right here in the Greater Champaign Area. Located not too far away, in a town called Monticello, lies a magical estate with sweeping gardens and sculptured art. This estate is so magical that it is one of the formal seven wonders of Illinois! For those parents from Chicagoland, let them know that these are the same Allerton’s as the famous Allerton Hotel, Downtown Chicago! This definitely isn’t your conventional day-to-day sightseeing and is sure to keep Mom interested!


4.     Brunch

Get a few extra hours of sleep this weekend and convince mom to go for brunch rather than breakfast. We’re pretty certain you both win with this one. With so many different places to choose from we would like to mention one of our favorites that actually has a Bottomless $12 Mimosa Bar this is of course none other than Big Grove Tavern located in Downtown Champaign! If you're looking to stay on campus, the 7th Annual MOMS Brunch at Memorial Stadium, offering a wide variety and mimosa bar. We wouldn’t be giving Champaign-Urbana brunch its true credit without mentioning brunch destinations such as V. Picasso, Radio Maria, Miga, and the beloved Silvercreek and Courier Cafe over in Urbana. Houlihan's at the I Hotel will be kickstarting a new brunch menu on Sunday as well! Plan ahead for this one and make a reservation where possible. Mom will be super excited you made plans ahead of time! 


5.     Market Place Shopping Center

Does your mom love to shop? Take a trip over to Market Place Shopping Center where you can find over 100 different stores! Your thoughtful idea of heading over to Marketplace might just land you an unexpected shopping spree! But don’t forget, it’s the quality time with Mom that matters most. 


6.     Movies 

If the weather isn’t to your liking, don’t forget that Champaign County has two massive and completely redone, state of the art movie theaters right here in its backyard with plenty of room to fit hundreds and hundreds of moms this weekend. Consider heading over to Savoy 16 + IMAX to check out Isle of Dogs, A Quiet Place, or Rampage (your mom may compromise because of Dwayne Johnson)! If your mom loves classic cinema enjoy the Hollywood classic Singin' in the Rain at The Virginia Theatre. If Mom would prefer to have a glass of wine with her movie, we recommend heading over to the Carmike Cinema instead.


7.     Boneyard Arts Festival | April 12-15

A Mom's Weekend favorite, the Boneyard Arts Festival will be in full swing once your mom arrives in town. This festival brings art to life and displays it in unconventional venues such as salons, businesses, and cafes as well as more conventional locations. You can expect to see visual and performing art at this festival, but check out our tips for how to experience Boneyard. That itself will keep Mom on her toes, which we heard you’re pretty good at anyway!


8.     Shows

Whether your mother is a fan of classic cinema, live music, or local theatre, this weekend doesn't disappoint. The DoCha Music Festival will bring you and your mother together for a fun-filled concert with a modern take on classic masterpieces. Enjoy a variety of live musical genres performed by The Duttons, all in the beautiful Virginia Theatre auditorium. Give your mom a little taste of Broadway and check out the Tony Award-Winning Musical Memphis the Musical as it's brought to life on the Parkland Theatre stage. 


9. Krannert Art Museum Open House

If you're looking for a more relaxed Saturday, take the afternoon and enjoy the Illinois Mom's Weekend Open House. Enjoy an afternoon at the art museum, with tours designed especially for Illinois students and their families. From special exhibitions of contemporary art to the Arts of Africa. Europe, and the Americas, KAM holds art that can expand your horizons.


10. 14th Annual Festival of Quilts

You just can't go wrong with a good quilt. Whether your mother is a quilter herself or just likes a good quilt, there's always a need. The Cunningham Children’s Home’s Festival of Quilts joins the Boneyard Arts Festival for Mom's Weekend as one of more than 90 galleries showcasing the arts in Central Illinois. 

For more ideas on what to do for Moms Weekend, be sure to check out our Events Calendar and Directories on our website. We hope that everyone has a great time with their moms this upcoming Moms Weekend and give her a great taste of the Outside of Ordinary.

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