Sports with Ryan Reid: Raise the Expectation with Illinois Marathon

Expect travel delays due to road closures. Expect long lines at the grocery store. Expect to wait for a table at your favorite restaurant. Expect to hear the punch of 20,000 pairs of feet as they hit the pavement. Expect sport. Runners from all over the world arrive each April to compete in one of the best marathons in the country, the Christie Clinic Illinois Marathon, our marathon, happening April 29–30. The economic impact on our community is great, but what truly makes the most impact is the community involvement. With a volunteer committee of over seventy five people and hundreds more in race-day volunteers, the Illinois Marathon is truly community-owned. From dedicated and professional runners, to Greek houses showing signs of support, everyone in Champaign County is involved in the competition. The Illinois Marathon offers a Fun-run 5K the Friday evening, April 29, before race day. Saturday’s competition consists of a 10k, relay, half, or full marathon run. In addition to these, the Illinois Marathon offers a youth run, wheel chair-half marathon, and the I Challenge; which challenges competitors to the Friday night 5K and an additional race on Saturday. Race day is almost here. Expect challenge.

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