5 Local Drool Worthy, Food Social Media Accounts You Should Torture Yourself With

Asking If Chamabana has good restaurants is like asking Chicago if they have tall buildings. It’s no secret that this area is loaded with fantastic eateries. Sometimes it takes visiting another similar sized area to realize…”Oh our restaurant scene is Outside of Ordinary”. Realization of this or not, there is still no denying that the images we see through social media of this town’s creations are drool worthy. That is correct, ladies and gentleman, even the people behind Visit Champaign County drool and we can’t help but share some of these that made us do so. It truly would be an injustice if our entire audience didn’t see them.


#1   Did anyone see those cannoli’s from Nando Milano? Holy. Cannoli.

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#2   We’re convinced Hopscotch Cakes and Confections is instagramming from the clouds. Is it even real? Yes. Yes it is.

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# 3   Chef Adam of V. Picasso just made an Apple pie using Curtis Apple Orchard’s Apples. We’re pretty sure the world just stopped turning.

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#4   Has anyone noticed Miga, changing things up? Just visit their new website if you want to be completely shamed by your own cooking capabilities.  

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# 5   Did Watson’s Shack & Rail just make a short rib sandwich, topped with bacon in between a cronut? For those of you who don’t know, a cronut is a hybrid croissant donut that is glazed. Is this real life?  

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