Visit Champaign County's First EVER Instagram Takeover!

We are excited to introduce our first ever Instagram Takeover! You often hear us talking about the Outside of Ordinary that resides in our micro-urban oasis and we wanted this takeover to be just that…Outside of Ordinary. We’ve been on the lookout for the perfect person to showcase this region with a unique perspective and an eye for the Outside of Ordinary. We would like to introduce you to our first creative find, Dmitrii Ratanov. Dmitrii is a Russian born, professional photographer with an artistic lens and outlook that has been keeping the Visit Champaign County staff and many locales entertained for months.

Dmittrii began art school in Russia when he was just 9 years old. It was during this time that he discovered his unique perspective of the world through his art. He would notice other children using different colors and techniques than his own, setting him apart from his peers at such a young age. Fast forward 5 years when Dmitrii finished art school at age 14; this is when his artistic mind was awakened through the mediums of graffiti and photography. Just like many artists, Dmitrii’s creative mind went to sleep for nearly 7 years as he was still trying to discover what he wanted to do. This brings us to present day where he keeps his creative fire aflame by combatting routine and exploring the areas around him. It is these explorations that will be showcased gracefully for the Greater Champaign County Area Instagram viewers.

Be on the lookout for Dmitrii’s personal work to be showcased through our very own Instagram @visitchampaign from December 5th to December 11th, 2016. Also, be sure to check out his personal Instagram account @dmitryratanov



Would you like to be considered for an opportunity for an Instagram Takeover in the future? Please send an e-mail to Community Relations Manager, Cody Dees, at with links to your current personal social media accounts for consideration. 

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