Breaking News! Boredom Just Left Champaign County's Vocabulary

We just glanced at our events calendar for today…WOAH! There is a lot of theatre, dance, music, and more going on. Yes it’s getting colder, and your couch and Netflix are probably screaming your name, but is that going to create lasting memories? Get out there! Explore. Learn. Live!


For starters The C-U Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker is in full swing. If you haven’t got your tickets yet for tonight, you’re going to have to call their ticket office or stop by in person. This event year after year, is one of the most attended and is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit!


Remember your buddies Snoopy and Charlie Brown? The Peanut’s classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas, is being performed out at Parkland College Theatre! Get your tickets and bask in the nostalgia of this classic performance!


Has anyone noticed Krannert Center for the Performing Arts' increased programming? Maybe it’s just us, but we feel like they’ve been pushing out concerts left and right! Relax in the comfort of the Illinois Wind Symphony and UI Concert Jazz Band in Foellinger Great Hall. Get dressed up, head to dinner, and make it a spontaneous date night with your loved one. When was the last time you did that?


Did you know that William M. Staerkel Planetarium is the second largest planetarium in the State of Illinois, right behind Adler up in Chicago? A show at the planetarium is the perfect way to break your usual Friday routine. Tonight they have “Season of Light” which showcases the world’s many holiday customs all of which involve lighting up the winter season. In addition to the holiday showing, they have another Full Dome Display featuring Pink Floyd!


Been hearing a lot about the Station Theatre and the Celebration Company? That’s because they are on fire! This theatre and production company are pushing out great theatrical performances and their one-person interactive play, “Every Brilliant Thing” is no different. This one is guaranteed to pull at the heart strings, illustrating the depressions and the lengths we will go to for those we love. Theatre that leaves you thinking, is the best kind of theatre!


There’s a lot more going on tonight. These are just the performances! Can’t make it to one tonight? A handful of the performances listed above have more showings in the upcoming days! For more information on what to do tonight and any other night, check out our events calendar.