5 Local Makers Setting the Creative Bar High!

One of the many reasons we’re truly Outside of Ordinary is because of the unique people that live and work here. We’re fond of all of our local makers and artisans who live here in Champaign County, but here’s five who have been especially capturing our attention (and hopefully yours too) on Instagram:


Delight Flower Farm: This group of ladies know a good flower when they see one! That’s because they grow them right here in our rich soil. They keep up to speed with integrated styles of cultivating on their small plot located at Prairie Fruits Farm, which includes organic practices. They’ve been around and using the CSA model since 2011. With that being said, they’ve really captured our attention this year especially! Check out their Instagram for a peak of what could be gracing your tabletops, shelves, doors, you name it. @delightflowerfarm


Hopscotch Cakes and Confections: You’ve heard about this one, especially most recently with the release of an up-and-coming brick-and-mortar location! Hopscotch increases that gap of time between holding treats and devouring them. It’s impossible not to take in the rich aesthetics of these masterpieces that are just as equally rich in delectability. What’s that? Your palate hasn’t encountered a Hopscotch confection, yet? Go ahead and give their Instagram a follow, it’s the most harmonious level of torture there is. @hopscotchcakes


The Simple Palette: Speaking of palates…have you heard of The Simple Palette? This local designer is crafting up unique designs for stationary, mugs, décor, and more! You can find these unique products on Etsy and the occasional pop-up at local showcases and markets. Step up your card giving game and go with The Simple Palette. Sorry Hallmark, there’s someone new in town taking the crown. @thesimplepalette


The Wright Soapery: Soaps. We all use them…why treat them like a commodity? Here in Champaign County our makers add a level of charm and aesthetic that can turn the simplest of products into the perfect gift. The Wright Soapery understands this greater than just about anyone! If these artisanal masterpieces don’t grab your attention with their beauty, their scents and all natural craft sure will. There’s just something about those swirls in the soaps. It’s almost hypnotizing! @thewrightsoapery


Mrs. Emily: Whether it’s home décor or the perfect t-shirt with the perfect phrase or expression, Mrs. Emily knows how to get people’s attention. Having worked in the NYC fashion industry before setting up shop here in Champaign, we think her credibility is pretty strong in our neck of the woods. What’s even cooler about her product is that it’s focused to empower women. You may have even seen our very own Terri Reifsteck sporting a “The Hustle is Strong with This One” t-shirt on CiLiving last month. Inspire your day-to-day and check out her Instagram at @mrsemily.


Are you a local maker in the Champaign County area and want to be showcased in our Makers Section on our website? Send Terri a high resolution photo of yourself along with a 150- word description about you and your product at terrir@visitchampaigncounty.org

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