Willow Creek Farm: Not Your Everyday Farm

You know what has really become popular these days? Barn weddings. You know what’s even more popular? Barn weddings with barns where you would be comfortable eating a fallen cupcake that hit the floor. That’s right ladies and gentleman. We’re talking about the kind of barn every horse dreams of growing up in and every choosy bride seeking rustic chic desires. We introduce to you: Willow Creek Farm. We were lucky enough to pull up on a cloudless day, with the sunshine reflecting beautifully off of the pond located at the front of the property as you drive in. The moment we walked into the main venue we were welcomed by an incredibly charming and inviting Traci Lipps, who owns the property. Fast forward through the introductions and we were completely awestruck by what we saw…authentic re-used barn wood grace the walls of this venue dressed with rustic antiques as well as incredible photo-shoot ready light fixtures.


Next, we walked through the kitchen to find a delightful patio section with a pergola over a fire pit and oak wine barrels waiting to be transformed into elegant high-tops. As if that wasn’t enough, there sat a rustic silo that was converted into a bar. That’s right- 360 degrees of bar window access. Traci apologetically told us the venue wasn’t set up for our meeting, but our imaginations ran wild with the endless possibilities, all of which were completely Pinterest worthy. We were informed that when you book with Willow Creek you have full-access to the property and you can pick and choose where you would like to have your ceremony.


Whether you choose inside the established venue, the actual barn with Calvin the horse’s head sticking out of the stall, or over by the pond, your ceremony and reception are going to be completely Outside of Ordinary. That’s what we do in Champaign County. We give you the Outside of Ordinary and create ever lasting memories where it counts. Your wedding is one of those experiences.


For more information about Willow Creek Farm and how they could make your wedding dreams a reality, please visit their website at www.willowcreekfarm.com. Just now tuning in? This segment is part of a week long campaign with more details in our Blogs & Stories section! 

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