Flora Design Studio: Flowers from a Friend

There’s just something special about taking a trip on over to Flora Design Studio in Mahomet. Could it be the fresh flower aromatics the moment you step foot inside? Most definitely. That’s not quite it though. Perhaps it’s the incredibly charming shoppe lined with locally made items perfect for the home or even better as a meaningful gift. Or maybe it’s the refrigerator case full of flowers immediately to your left when you walk in, just waiting to make someone’s day. These all play a part in the special that is Flora Design, but that’s not exactly it. More special than all of these things is the friendly smile and welcome from Julie Odum working behind her counter the moment you walk in…


Who are we kidding, she wasn’t in the retail shoppe when we got there, she was in her detached studio working her floral arranging magic along with two of her talented assistants. Julie quickly welcomed us inside and gently set down the stems she was working with, as if we were longtime friends coming over for an evening glass of wine. Julie’s been doing this flower gig for quite some time now…seventeen years to be exact. In addition to showing us around her workspace, we shared an intimate moment where she reflected on her passion for this industry and her community. “I often tell people I don’t work in the floral industry. I work in the business of emotions”. If you’re anything like us, you’re now reaching for the tissues. Flora Design is more than just a high-quality florist with an attention-to-detail difficult to find these days. Flora Design is like that friend you’ve known your whole life, but don’t get to see that often. You know who we’re talking about, the one that no matter how long it’s been you pick up right where you left off. We can’t think of anyone more ideal to bring your wedding day to its full floral capacity.


We found out after our visit that Julie competed in the Illinois State Florist’s Association “Designer of the Year” contest and won 1stPlace in Bridal and 1st Runner Up as Overall Designer of the Year! A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out their Facebook and Instagram if the pictures we’ve chosen don’t have your jaw dropped, yet. For even more information about Flora Design Studio check out their website at: www.floradesignstudio.com. There are flowers, and then there are Flora Design Studio flowers. We prefer the more Outside of Ordinary of the two.  

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