Hopscotch Cakes & Confections: A Cake is More than just Cake...It's Art

With the cake cutting being such a big deal during the reception, you’re going to want a cake worth photographing. We’ve been longtime supporters of Hopscotch Cakes & Confections, and more importantly their owner, Kaya Tate. You may have seen her featured as an inaugural Champaign County maker in our newest Visitors Guide, or featured on various social media accounts for her impressive social aesthetics. Essentially, there are cakes, and then there are Hopscotch Cakes. The proof is in the pictures, and even more importantly in the first bite.


We met at her dessert case at ArtMart since her brick and mortar store is still under construction. We quickly noticed her quick-witted humor and charming personality, along with this particularly stunning cake pictured above. Now, it’s important to note that Kaya is only going to make a cake that looks like…well, a cake. With that being said, You can expect the freshest of ingredients which, depending on the season, can be found locally.


If we haven’t gotten your attention yet, shame on us, but maybe a quick press search will do the trick. You’ll find words of approval from Smile Politely, Feast Magazine, Buzz Magazine, The News Gazette, Chambanamoms, and several others. The only true way you’re truly going to believe us is with a fork full of delectable Hopscotch cake and icing. Is seeing believing? Maybe. Is tasting believing? Yes. You aren’t just commissioning a cake maker when you do business with Kaya. You’re making a quirky new friend who’s going to make sure she brings your wedding cake dreams to reality. That’s her promise.


Check out Hopscotch Cakes and Confections website at www.hopscotchcakes.com and be sure to check out their amazingly awesome Instagram account! Just now tuning in? This segment is part of a week long campaign with more details in our Blogs & Stories section! 

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