Pear Tree Estate: The Perfect Dose of Luxury

You want your wedding to be timeless. You want your wedding to be elegant. Let’s face it, you want your wedding to be at Pear Tree Estate. This venue offers an unparalleled experience and quite frankly has been drawing people from all over the state and further. There has to be a pretty good reason why roughly 80% of their clients aren’t from the area, right? For starters let’s talk about the dramatic ceilings dressed in cedar wood and the abundance of natural light. The fireplaces. You cannot forget about the fireplaces and their floor to ceiling stone work with florals and candles draping their mantles. It was difficult for us to unglue our eyes from the aisle that was set up when we got there, but we’re pretty certain it was dressed in eucalyptus when we got there. 


We met with Shaina Kolzow, Events Director, and Annie Murray, Co-Owner of Pear Tree Estate, and were completely taken aback by the level of service they provide. We’re pretty convinced if you told either of them you wanted a unicorn present at your wedding, they would somehow find one for you.  Okay, not really, but you get what we’re saying.  Not only is this team going to get every detail right, they’re going to make sure everything is handled efficiently. Let’s face it…weddings take a lot of planning and can be pretty stressful on an engaged couple and their families. This is where Pear Tree stands out the most. Their devoted and highly skilled team have this process down to a science. Not only do they know what they’re doing, they’re going to make sure you have fun along the way.  


As if all of this isn’t enough you should probably note that there’s an on onsite home, the Concorde Room, that can provide overnight accommodations for up to 8 people. This means you and your partner (and if you choose a few others to enjoy the luxury) won’t have to leave your dream night behind, until the next day. Our senses were in a state of euphoria from the moment we pulled up to Pear Tree, until the moment we glanced back at the property through the rearview mirror. These are the types of feelings, where lifelong memories are made, perfect for your once in a lifetime wedding.


Check out their website at for more details. Just now tuning in? This segment is part of a week long campaign with more details in our Blogs & Stories section!  

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