Prairie Glass House: A Glass View into The Modern Wedding

Do you like the idea of your wedding being immersed in the quaint and quiet, but don’t want to surrender a modern atmosphere? At Prairie Glass House, you don’t have to. This modern home which has nearly 100 sliding glass doors is nestled on 17 acres of peaceful serenity. There’s an onsite pond backed right up to sections of the original Big Grove Forest, home to some of the region’s oldest oak trees. Your wedding pictures could like a romantic scene out of a Twilight movie if you wanted them to! Guests can also stay in the 9 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms of the main house, plus the Coach House. Does that image not spark your interest? That’s okay, maybe having access to the heated indoor pool and sauna will.


When we arrived, Bill, the property owner, kindly ushered us inside and began telling us about the Prairie Glass House. He and his wife have always enjoyed hosting people and our short visit clearly implied they’re pretty good at it as well. To give you an idea of the size of the home, 70 people can be seated for a meal inside the main part of the house. Wanting to have a larger wedding/ceremony? Not a problem. There is an outdoor patio that will accommodate 250, as well as additional space for a tent to hold a formal reception for 250 right beside the house.


Also unique to the property is an award winning meditation hut, “Victor” (yes it has a name). Victor is housed right next to the pond giving an exquisite and picturesque view. Nearby is the pyramid, a homage to the Mississippian people who have lived on this site for thousands of years. And parking for 100 cars under the shade of the huge oak trees.  You won’t find anything like it in the entire Greater Champaign County region. This property is a delightful alternative, creating a completely Outside of Ordinary backdrop for your wedding.


For more information about Prairie Glass House check out their website at  Just now tuning in? This segment is part of a week long campaign with more details in our  Blogs & Stories section! 

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