Dustin Kelly, Autumn Berry Inspired

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    Urbana, IL 61802

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We supply high-quality Autumn Berry products in positive, fair-trade, and local ways.

Have you ever heard of an Autumn Berry? An invasive species, the Autumn Berry is a deliciously sweet and nutrient rich fruit produced by the autumn olive tree. Upon learning that the fruit is often used in Asia, owner of local farm, Autumn Berry Inspired, Dustin Kelly, decided to research uses of the Autumn Berry rather than try to eliminate the plant. He found a way to improve and diversify invaded land by harvesting the Autumn Berry fruit and applying the principles of permaculture. Dustin now produces exceptional sweet jams as well as some that are spicy that are perfect for adding to meat entrees. In addition to the jams, they also produce fruit leather and purees for creating your own Autumn Berry inspired creations.Whether you choose spicy or sweet, you can pick up this treat at Common Ground, Urbana's Market at the Square, and their webstore. You can also find their products used at local restaurants such as Big Grove Tavern and Pizzeria Antica.

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Dustin Kelly, Autumn Berry Inspired

2310D High Cross Rd.
Urbana, IL 61802
(217) 766-9228 PHONE

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