Recruiting Resources

Sharing the Community Story

As we continue to promote the greater Champaign County area to visitors as an Outside of Ordinary destination, we recognize the importance of showcasing the community to potential residents. To be relevant in all parts of the destination management cycle, Visit Champaign County offers various services and promotional materials to help during the recruiting process.

We are your partner in recruiting. Contact us if there are more resources you need to share our story!



Bringing in new recruits and want to get them connected to the community? Check out our new community ambassador program, Chambana Welcome Crew. This program is designed to help new and potential Champaign-Urbana area residents navigate their new home, connecting newcomers to one of our knowledgeable Ambassadors serving as a community champion who can authentically share their stories about living and working here. Learn more.


2022-2023 Champaign County Experience Guide Cover
Champaign County Area Experience Guide 

Seasonal Checklists 
Contains information on top events, community facts & rankings, top spots for food & drink, selfie stops, and volunteer opportunities


Grocery, Markets & Specialty Stores



Outside of Ordinary Branding Video

Music Scene

Outside of Ordinary Memories


Maker Videos


Virtual Experiences




Check out our interactive Tour of the Greater Champaign County Area, with area attractions, major parks and forest preserves, and business districts.


Available upon request. Contact Terri Reifsteck with details on photos you need for your materials.


Community Rankings

Provided by You're Welcome CU


Community resources

Park Districts & Forest Preserves

Our landscape may be flat, but it provides plenty of opportunity to play and explore under our big, blue skies. Check out our area park districts for programming and parks available throughout the community.


Neighborhood Services

Get connected to our area neighborhood associations and homeowner's associations, provided by the cities of Champaign & Urbana.


Area Schools

If you need help finding information on the schools, both public and private, in Champaign County, look no further than the experts on all things kids, Their comprehensive Champaign-Urbana Schools Guide will give you the insights needed to start your child's education.



The University of Illinois has long been a leader in disability resources. Several of the innovations that have come from over 50 years of advocating for accessibility include research that led to the development of the first architectural accessibility standards that would become the American National Standards Institute Standards, the first wheelchair-accessible fixed route bus system, the first accessible university residence halls, and the first collegiate adapted sports and recreation program for students with disabilities, which also produced the first wheelchair athlete in the world to win an Olympic Gold Medal.


Area Rotary Organizations

Rotary unites dedicated professionals from the Champaign-Urbana area, surrounding areas, and around the globe with one common goal: to do more good. Our community is served by Rotary District 6490 with seven organizations that meet regularly. Get involved with one of these groups that make significant impacts in our community. 


Religious & Cultural Organizations

We've put together a directory of non-Christian religious centers, non-English speaking churches, and cultural resources.


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