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Living Outside of Ordinary: Week of 12/9

December 9, 2019

In the past month, how many days can you truly remember? On average, a few days, 4 or 5 if you’re lucky, stand out from the daily routines we all experience. That’s why Visit Champaign County is launching our new “Living Outside of Ordinary” Campaign aimed at residents and visitors as a means to encourage everyone to discover new places throughout the greater Champaign County area.

Each week, we’ll give you one thing to do each day, something Outside of Ordinary, to make sure you have a way to make each day memorable. We’ll be busy brainstorming over the next year to make sure you have ways to break out of the routine and immerse yourself in the amazing things happening right in your backyard. Some will be events, but others may be something as simple as getting outdoors, meeting a friend for a drink, or checking out a new store or restaurant. The goal is simple: when you’re Living Outside of Ordinary, you’re making memories, so we can all cherish each and every day.

Considering the drop in temperature coming this week, we’re officially in the heart of December. So, what does that mean? Bundling up, staying cozy as often as possible, and of course, finding Outside of Ordinary ways to enjoy December in Champaign County!

Things to do this week in Champaign County

Monday, December 9

Place an order on this gorgeous bakery box from Homestead Bakery!

Tuesday, December 10

Go on a Wine Tasting Tour!  Make a stop at Alto, Crudo, and Sun Singer.

Wednesday, December 11

Check out the latest visual art exhibit open at the Krannert Art Musuem!

Thursday, December 12

Stock up on goods for entertaining of gift this insane Prairie Fruits Farm Cheese and Salami box!

Friday, December 13

Experience A Christmas Carol performed as a radio drama live at Parkland College!

Saturday, December 14

Grab donuts with Santa at Industrial Donuts!

Sunday, December 15

Shop for unique and culturally minded gifts at the Mottainai Annual Bazaar!

For more tips on what to do, check our events calendar and request a copy of our Visitors Guide today!

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