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Tuesday Trails with Terri: Boneyard Basin & Greenway

December 10, 2019

My sleep was elusive last night, listening to the wind howling and questioning whether I was going to run today. Alas, the sun came out so I packed up some layers so I could get another run in before it becomes too cold. Although I'd argue, 25 degrees is about my limit where I can feel my fingers and toes!

Today, I started in Champaign's Midtown at the Boneyard Basin. Midtown is the area that connects downtown Champaign to Campustown, starting East of the train tracks. It's home to some great shops and eateries such as Dallas & Co., Plant Mode, Flying Machine Avionics, and Fiesta Café. However, the basin itself is reason enough to visit the area. It was created to provide a 100-year flood protection, but it's beautification has made it an enjoyable park in a quickly developing area. 

I started on the North end of the basin, with ample parking behind the Habitat for Humanity Restore and I was shocked to find I was not the only runner out today. There are some elevation changes which can be hard to find in Champaign-Urbana, but heading down the winding path, there's a hidden waterfall behind the prairie landscaping. The Boneyard Creek that flows through the area heads under the bridge at White St. where the south end of the Boneyard Basin can be found.
While in this area, it's easy to see all of the development and the growing skyline in Champaign. In the warmer months, you'll often see kids climbing up and down this area, but my clumsy self will stay off! From the South end of the basin looking North before crossing Springfield Ave.
While winter may not be the best time to sit outdoors, the area provides plenty of seating so you can enjoy lunch outside or grab some coffee nearby to enjoy. Another great view of the looming skyline that seems to be growing every day! Scott Park connects the Boneyard Basin to the Boneyard Greenway which brings you directly into Campustown.
Running parallel to Green St., the Greenway will take you through Campustown. I spy Legends and TownePlace Suites! Back in the basin, the entrance to the old Burnham Hospital which closed in 1992, can be found as a memorial to the history of the area.   I'm not sure how these ducks are doing it, as at this point, my nose is bright red and my fingertips are losing feeling. Glad they have an area to enjoy in the heart of Champaign!


Check out all this area has to offer, from the surrounding businesses to the events happening in the area throughout the year.

I'll sneak in one more run before the holidays, so give my your suggestions on our Facebook page!

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