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Spring Shopping Checklist - Fresh Additions to the Home, Wardrobe, and More!

April 12, 2021

In a lot of ways, Spring is like the return of an old friend. From the warmer weather, busier downtown sidewalks, and a renewed sense of energy in the air, the new season brings tons of opportunities to reinvent and freshen up our homes and ourselves.

With so many incredible local businesses in the greater Champaign County area, we figured it was the perfect time to put together a Spring Shopping Checklist!

Not unlike our Shop Local guide we put together for the holidays, all the businesses featured in this checklist are just a handful of the many listings you can find in our shopping directory! Nevertheless, these ideas should get your Springs shopping started!

Between blooming flowers and plants, new home decor, and new Spring outfits waiting to be put together, get your Spring shopping started with this handy guide!

Clothing and personal style upgrades for spring

It's not an exaggeration to say that by the time March rolls around, we're all ready to add some new looks to our rotation. There are a ton of great options in our area to consider, including these Outside of Ordinary shops!

For starters, Spring often brings the reminder that as nature transitions to a new season, it's worth keeping in mind sustainable shopping. Dandelion Vintage & Used Clothing is the perfect way to add a new-to-you look to your closet while being sure no great piece goes to waste! From timeless staples to a new favorite you don't even know about yet, the options at Dandelion are endless. 

Spring is also a great time to try out something a bit bold! On top of amazing home decor and art, Bohemia is a top choice for those looking to embody the brightness and color associated with the season. Whether you're looking for athleisure wear or a Saturday night jaw-dropper, there's a look for you here. 

Next up, we're moving over to Tuscola and the amazing collection of items at Sweet Soul Boutique! The store carries a wide variety of sizes (small-3x) to ensure everyone can find a look! Plus, an outfit is only as effective as its accompanying accessories, and Sweet Soul features understated pieces and bold bling to match your personal look!

A huge perk of Spring is finally returning to our favorite outdoor hotspots, including forest preserves and parks! For workout wear and comfy clothes perfect for a hike, walk, run, or just because, Champaign Outdoors is the place to go. The store is in the middle of an exciting transition and expansion right now, which means they're liquidating their stock at the Neil St. store. What does that mean for you? Big sales! Keep an eye on their Facebook for updates.

A constant in the local menswear game, Joseph Kuhn & Co. has been helping shoppers look good in the office and on the weekends since 1907. Take a trip to the downtown storefront and find everything from casual looks to formal attire, and all the accessories you need to complete the look. 

Finally, if you know a few things are on your list and you have multiple stops to make, it might be worth checking out Market Place Mall. With so many stores you know in love in one place, a trip to the mall can be highly effective in getting your Spring shopping checklist all covered! 

after spring cleaning, spruce up the home with new decor

There are few things more exciting than a new season bringing fresh looks into the home. A ton of options are available locally to help bring new life into your house, including these favorites.

Furniture Lounge is one of the most effective shops if you're looking to find something that will catch eyes and never go out of style. Whether it's somewhere to sit or a lamp to make a dull living room dynamic, the options at Furniture Lounge are a masterclass in mid-century style and decor.

Checkered Moon is another great option where you can count on in-stock items to get everything from your wardrobe to your home decor ready for a new season! In their great new location, there's tons of space to shop new decor, including clothing for everyone from babies to grown-ups!

More more modern looks, Texture Home provides you with all home furnishings big and small that make a Spring redecoration worth pursuing! Not every living room or bedroom needs a full remodel, but rather just misses a few key pieces to pull things together. No matter what your home is missing, you can find it here!

Bloom into flowers and plants

Lastly, shopping for Springtime doesn't always mean objects. In fact, flowers and plants can be great ways to brighten up the home, office, or gift someone the joys of the season! 

Fleurish in downtown Champaign is a great spot to grab some flowers to bring color to your space. With flowers for any occasion or vibe, it's fun getting to plan out a bouquet or let staff do their thing! Flora Design Studio in Mahomet and Petals and Plants in Tuscola are a few other favorites to consider! If you're exploring historic downtown Monticello, then be sure to make a stop at Boka Shoppe as well. 

If you're the type to enjoy something that lives longer than a bouquet usually does, then you might be ready for the responsibility of a plant! Plant Mode in Midtown Champaign has some amazing options that not only provide emotional and mental benefits to wherever you care for them but also provide a long-lasting relationship and addition to your routine to help truly appreciate the living season of Spring. New 2020 addition to downtown Champaign, Plantify, is another great place to stop for plants. They have a wide selection of greenery for any level of plant parent experience, as well as stylish planters and more.

Looking for more spring shopping?

As mentioned above, we have even MORE amazing shopping options to help you get through your Spring checklist! Browse all of our shopping options around Champaign County and beyond to help freshen up your wardrobe, home, or office for Spring!

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