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Best Practices for Safe Outdoor Dining

November 2, 2020

We're lucky to have great weather this week for more outdoor dining. As we move into winter, however, you might need to take additional steps to make sure you can eat outside comfortably. With a lot of local restaurants taking measures to install heaters and other outdoor dining tools to help tackle the winter months, make sure you know the best practices for safe outdoor dining. 

Safe outdoor dining 101

When it comes to outdoor dining, a few things help ensure a safe experience. Firstly, if you are feeling ill or sick, do not dine out. Risking your health and those working at local restaurants is not a good move. If you are feeling well, make sure you wash your hands ahead of your visit to the restaurant. And of course, don't forget your mask!

When you arrive to be seated and your server approaches the table, always have your mask on properly covering both mouth and nose. When your server leaves, feel free to take your mask off. These small interactions can still lead to exposure, so it's crucial you keep yourself and your server safe by masking up when they visit the table. 

Outdoor Dining in the Winter - How to Stay warm

Many local restaurants are installing heating capabilities for their patios. You can find a great list of local restaurants with these parameters in place from our friends at Chambanamoms.com. Of course, some might not offer this feature, but that doesn't mean you can't eat outside as the temperatures begin to drop. No matter the situation, you'll want to come prepared to eat comfortably. On top of your mask and washed hands, here are a few considerations to keep in mind when dining outdoors.

The two key pieces of apparel you'll want to be sure to bring is a hat or earmuffs and warm socks. The head and feet are two areas in which you'll feel the cold first. With warm wool socks and a great hat or pair of earmuffs, you'll be doing yourself a huge service. Likewise, make sure your ankles aren't exposed and your sleeves continue to the wrist. If you think it might be time to do some shopping, then be sure to check out local retailers in the greater Champaign County area!

Where Can i find the latest restaurant hours updates in champaign county?

For a regularly updated list of business hours and operations, be sure to click here. We update our page daily with the latest hours, dining opportunities, and carryout/curbside offerings to ensure you can continue supporting local businesses all winter long.

Featured Image: Bunny's Tavern

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