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6 Instagram-able Areas in Champaign-Urbana

May 1, 2019

Jealous of someone else's Instagram game? These amazing spots in Champaign-Urbana are perfect for a picture with friends, family, or just yourself!

U of I Quad 

This beautiful area of the University of Illinois Campus plays dual roles for students: backdrop and breath of fresh air. Most graduates can remember a time they just sat outside and soaked it all in, and whether stress or success calls for it, a trip to the quad is one of the best views in town. Plus, residents love getting outdoors in this gorgeous area on campus.

Japan House/Arboretum 

These two scenic spots sit right next to each other and make for a great walk or place to grab some peace and quiet. It’s hard to find places that look just as good in winter as they do in spring, but the Japan House and Arboretum provide scenic serenity all year long. A few shots here with a cap and gown are a must.

Meadowbrook Park

A favorite of residents and visitors alike, Meadowbrook Park is a great place to get a variety of pictures. Featuring paved and unpaved walking paths, a farmstead, and tons of public art, a quick photo shoot here may turn into a highlight of graduation weekend.

Roger Ebert Statue

A lot of notable people have come from Champaign-Urbana, including late film critic Roger Ebert. The famous film critic is memorialized with his statue outside the Virginia Theater. Put two thumbs up and smile for a fun shot with Roger!

Living Outside of Ordinary Mural

We’d be remised if we didn’t mention our mural! A little less than a year ago, we debuted our mural donning attractions and activities all over the area that many grads likely enjoyed during their time in town. Take a shot here to remember to celebrate what makes our community #OutsideofOrdinary for all!

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