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Living Outside of Ordinary: Week of 9/23

September 23, 2019

In the past month, how many days can you truly remember? On average, a few days, 4 or 5 if you’re lucky, stand out from the daily routines we all experience. That’s why Visit Champaign County is launching our new “Living Outside of Ordinary” Campaign aimed at residents and visitors as a means to encourage everyone to discover new places throughout the greater Champaign County area.

Each week, we’ll give you one thing to do each day, something Outside of Ordinary, to make sure you have a way to make each day memorable. We’ll be busy brainstorming over the next year to make sure you have ways to break out of the routine and immerse yourself in the amazing things happening right in your backyard. Some will be events, but others may be something as simple as getting outdoors, meeting a friend for a drink, or checking out a new store or restaurant. The goal is simple: when you’re Living Outside of Ordinary, you’re making memories, so we can all cherish each and every day.

In a lot of ways, fall is here but the weather won’t quite give up summer. It’s hard to get in the falling leaves and autumn adventure spirit when it’s still hot out, but try your best this week! Here are some fun ways to kickstart fall, as well as enjoy the return of some major festivals and events to our area.

Monday, September 23

Stop by Urbana Hootenanny, a Monday open mic and hang out traditional at Rose Bowl Tavern!

Tuesday, September 24

Pick up fresh flowers from Flora Design Studio in Mahomet

Wednesday, September 25

If you’re craving fall weather, take a quick trip to shop treats and décor at Curtis Orchard! It’s all fall everything, no matter how warm it still might be!

Thursday, September 26

Plan a time to catch a Pygmalion performance or event: today through Saturday!

Friday – September 27

Check out day one of the C-U Black and African Arts Festival!

Saturday, September 28

Celebrate our community being Amazing for All with the C-U Pride Parade!

Sunday, September 29

Wrap up an amazing Pride Fest weekend with the Spurlock Musuem’s In Her Closet: How to Make a Drag Queen exhibit!

For more tips on what to do, check our events calendar and request a copy of our Visitors Guide today!

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